• Make sure you give yourself enough time to get there early, and leave any beverages from the car ride in your vehicle.
  • Compose yourself as desired in the nearest bathroom before walking in if you can.
  • Do not chew gum during an interview. However, having a mint is always advisable right before you walk in the door.
  • Never ask for something not offered, e.g., if they offer coffee, do not ask for soda.
  • Be friendly and shake hands with anyone who greets you.
  • While waiting, sit quietly and don’t draw unwanted attention to yourself by excessive texting, listening to music or reading magazines – just wait patiently.
  • Once you are called in try to keep appropriate posture, and be ready to remain attentive. Eye contact is very important, and you want to make sure you are giving your full and undivided attention.
  • Maintain professionalism no matter how warm or welcoming your interviewer may be. This is an interview, and you do not want to get too personal.
  • Do not panic or interrupt over extended pauses and silences. This is especially true on phone interviews as they may be jotting down notes or follow up questions.
  • When asked questions give specific answers, and do not generalize. Try to remember the STAR formula: Situation/Task, Action you took, Result produced.
  • If you do not understand a question, always ask for clarification. Do not try to figure out what the question was while you have already started to answer.
  • Always stick to the question at hand, and do not to go off on tangents. Focus is key.
  • If a time comes where you have to say no, compensate with a positive alternative!
  • Always utilize the time when they ask if you have any questions of your own! Sensible go-to questions are ones surrounding the company culture, day to day responsibilities or interviewer’s career. Do not bring up salary or benefit questions – let them mention those matters on their terms.
  • At the end of the interview always be sure to thank everyone in the room (by name if you can!) and shake hands.
  • Our last interview tip is to ask for next steps, or if you feel comfortable ask for the job!

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    Another interview tip… practice, practice, practice until you are comfortable.

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